On the 15th of February, the Architecture Museum of the Technical University of Munich invited Leilani Farha for a talk on the topic of the current exhibition for which we have published the accompanying publication Who’s Next? Homelessness, Architecture and Cities.  The brilliant talk and discussion with the director of the museum Andres Lepik and the exhibition curator Daniel Talesnik was live online and is available on Youtube – watch it below!

Andres Lepik’s opening remarks addressed the urgency of the topic of homelessness that has only become more severe due to the current pandemic. This is likely one reason for the encouragingly large turn out of visitors the exhibition has seen. Leilani Farha’s in depth talk addressed current examples of how the problem of homelessness and the way it is ignored has caused an increase of conflict, for example during the recent Superbowl in Los Angeles. She pointed out how megafinancial actors continue to aggravate the problem, and provided a global overview of the numbers of people affected by it in different ways, pulling examples from places as widespread as India and Zimbabwe. An illustration, through her own work, of how working towards creating awareness and mitigating problems locally can have a global effect, allowed viewers to leave the talk feeling hopeful against all odds.


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