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We are your partners throughout the digital journey. Guided by their knowledge, our team of experts support publishers and architects as they switch from paper-based to digital processes. We build a transformation approach catered to your individual needs. Services associated with books or data-archiving, we have it covered!

ArchiTangle - Book Concept and Design

Book Concept and Design

With care and expertise for book production values, each book has its own creative concept and an individual design. We work with architects and artists and take care of concept, content and design of their book.

ArchiTangle -Production Management

Production Management

It’s all about craftmanship when it comes to the prepress and printing process. Our partners benefit from decades of experience in managing the physical process of creating books of top-shelf quality.


ArchiTangle -Contract Management and Fee & Royalty Accounting

Contract Management and Fee & Royalty Accounting

From draft to contract finalization, we advise you on the clarification of rights for your publication. Recording and monitoring of the licensing agreements as well as fees collection complete our service.

ArchiTangle -Business Consultancy & Strategic Planning

Business Consultancy & Strategic Planning

We help clients and partners develop business skills and knowledge in sustainable publishing concepts and tech while supporting on strategy, planning and problem solving along the way.

ArchiTangle - Record Retention Compliance

Record Retention Compliance

Key accounts can contract ArchiTangle for record retention requirements analysis in various legislations in order to achieve legal compliance using the ArchSafe platform.

ArchiTangle - On Site Setup Services

On-site Setup Services

While the ArchSafe solution is plug-and-play, some clients might require our skilled technicians to create some customized archival integration that goes beyond an out-of-the-box setup.

ArchiTangle - Tailor Made Archiving Solutions

Tailor-made Archiving Solutions

Utilization of the ArchSafe API (Application Programming Interface) allows for a native integration of archival services into existing IT landscapes, applications and processes.

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