Your Compliant and Permanent Archival System

Out now in closed beta.

Introducing ArchSafe

The Premier Blockchain-Based Data Safe for Architects

ArchiTangle represents:

  • the next-generation knowledge management standard for architectural data
  • an on-chain archive that preserves data permanently and immutably without intermediaries
  • an archiving solution that caters to the needs of architects
  • an archiving solution that is compliant with legal requirements associated with storage of digital documents

Architectural data is sensitive, and documents that represent an artifact built decades ago lose their integrity over time as they risk manipulation on numerous occasions. Local servers are prone to hardware failure, hacking and data manipulation, while also lacking standardized interfaces for secure data exchange. While remote storage such as cloud drives are considered more reliable in terms of permanency, many creators hesitate to put their data into the hands of centralized third parties. In general, there is a lack of trust when it comes to storing sensitive data essential to business on the internet. In short, traditional networks do not deliver when it comes to data security, authenticity, persistence and privacy.
For any architect, an archive serves as an important asset to prolong the life of one’s work. ArchiTangle has developed a revolutionary Blockchain-based archiving system that caters to requirements of secure data storage. Any data stored on the Blockchain is immutable by design. Due to its distributed storage mechanisms, data cannot be manipulated or destroyed. The owner is in exclusive control of the data – no third party can ever gain access without the originator’s permission. ArchiTangle enables architects to gain secure, infinite access to his/her work in addition to holding exclusive control over their data, ensuring authentic and watertight data can be made available upon request, for purposes of legislation, knowledge exchange or in the case of a claim.

Did you know?

ArchiTangle - Legal Archiving Obligations

Legal Archiving Obligations

As per Civil Code § 197 BGB in Germany, building owners have the right to claim authentic documentation within 30 years of building completion.

ArchiTangle - Limited Hard Drive Life Span

Limited Hard Drive Life Span

Extensive analysis by Google and BackBlaze found that 90% of hard drives only survive for three years, putting sensitive data at risk.

ArchiTangle - Data Immutability

Data Immutability

Unlike hard drives or cloud storage, data stored on ArchiTangle’s Blockchain-based Data Safe cannot be deleted or manipulated by design. Data permanency at its best!

ArchiTangle - Archive Accessibility

Archive Accessibility

While end of payment means the end of access and deletion of your data stored on cloud drives such as Dropbox, data stored on ArchSafe will still be available for download – free of charge, even after ending your subscription plan.

ArchiTangle - Decentralized Redundancy

Decentralized Redundancy

ArchiTangle’s Data Safe creates 10 redundant clones of your entire data on different physical locations, making your data immune to hacks or individual physical hardware disasters.


ArchiTangle - Gain Full Control over your Data

Gain Full Control over your Data

Only the owner of the data and its corresponding cryptographic key will ever be able to retrieve his/her data from ArchiTangle’s Data Safe. No one, not even ArchiTangle can decrypt your data.


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