The Premier Blockchain-Based Data Safe for Architects

Long-term archival for Architects

You are an architect or civil engineer and are obliged to archive your data securely due to legal retention periods? You want to store your knowledge, your life’s work or your estate securely so that neither you nor your descendants have to worry about the loss of your data? Or you have not found a simple yet permanent storage solution and still need the help of specialists to archive your data?

We have the solution for you!
The ArchSafe uses AnyTangle’s groundbreaking new storage technology, the first to be based on a Blockchain protocol rather than traditional storage services. Being a “Blockchain-Attached Storage” (BAS), the ArchSafe creates a whole new product genre that is superior to conventional storage systems such as local or cloud servers in the field of long-term archiving. The system not only surpasses conventional storage solutions with unprecedented data permanence but also sets new standards in data sovereignty, data security and data confidentiality.

Pay once, store forever! Just pay once to upload your data and set your personal retention period (e.g. 30, 50 or 100 years, or infinite). Access your data free of charge and without restriction during this period, until it is automatically deleted at the end of the specified period (GDPR compliance).


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Your Advantages

ArchiTangle - Legal Archiving Obligations

Legal Archiving Obligations

For each upload, you decide how long your data will be stored on the Blockchain – e.g. for 30 years, for 100 years, or infinitely.

ArchiTangle - Limited Hard Drive Life Span


The longevity of ArchSafe’s storage far exceeds that of any common storage media and any traditional cloud services.

ArchiTangle - Data Immutability


Once stored on the Blockchain, your data stays authentic – nobody can change your files or modify your archive.
ArchiTangle - Archive Accessibility

Unlimited Access

Pay once for the upload, then access and download your archives from the ArchSafe forever – free of charge.

ArchiTangle - Decentralized Redundancy

Easy of Use

Blockchain use for anyone. No wallet, crypto experience or coin required – just use the ArchSafe intuitively.
ArchiTangle - Gain Full Control over your Data


By applying post-quantum cryptography, your data is impossible to be decrypted or hacked. No third party can gain access.

ArchSafe by ArchiTangle – Made with 🖤 in Berlin

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