Katja Meinecke-Meurer, Markus Wilhelm and Sonja Bröderdörp

ArchiTangle is an innovative publishing company at the forefront of sustainable practices and aims to become a role model in the industry. Our CFO, Sonja Bröderdörp, will moderate a panel with Katja Meinecke-Meurer from TESSLOFF Verlag and Markus Wilhelm from Publisher Consultants GmbH titled “The 1.5°C Path: An Opportunity for Enhanced Climate Impact in Publishing.”

The panel will explore how publishers can significantly enhance their climate impact by adopting more sustainable behaviors and taking concrete steps toward climate awareness within the industry. They will discuss how to establish industry standards that align with the 1.5-degree target. Sustainability is a continuous process, and the publishing industry must actively strive to meet and exceed the climate protection goals set by the Paris Agreement.

ArchiTangle was founded after the 2015 Paris Agreement, and we started this journey with the goal of being a sustainable publisher working towards the 1.5-degree target. With Sonja as the moderator of the panel at the BÖV-Fokustage in Frankfurt, we expect highly engaging discussion as she is a staunch advocate and a consistent implementer of sustainable practices in publishing.
Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels e.V.

When asked about our decision to start a new publishing company in 2019, our answer has always been that we believe that, with today’s opportunities and capabilities, we can rethink publishing and build sustainability into all processes from the beginning. This led to the development of our unique deep-tech product, BOOK+, a new sustainable business model designed to reduce material, energy, and logistics costs. We constantly foster awareness about sustainable behavior with our publishing partners, reduce, reuse, recycle, use certified materials, exclusively run on green electricity in our daily work, promote shared workspaces, and encourage agile work methods.
Sonja constantly reminds us to pay attention to our sustainable behavior, highlighting that sustainability is an ongoing process of taking small steps. ArchiTangle and many other publishers are taking the right steps. And Tessloff is a role model for us, taking significant steps forward. Together with Katja Meinecke-Meurer, Managing Director of TESSLOFF Verlag , in cooperation with Markus Wilhelm, Managing Director of Publisher Consultants GmbH and Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels e.V. (German Publishers & Booksellers Association), we want to spread this mindset throughout our industry.


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