Doshi with the President of the RIBA

Balkrishna Doshi received the RIBA Royal Gold Medal from Simon Allford, president of the Royal Institute for British Architects, at a ceremony in Ahmedabad yesterday, the 10th of May.  The award, which was announced in December last year, is one of the world’s highest honours for architects, and recipients are approved by the Queen of England.

More information about the ceremony can be found in this article.

We are very happy that Doshi’s lifetime work and impact on the evolution of architecture have been honored in this way. During the ceremony, Allford stressed how Doshi’s work goes beyond building, and how he has made an incredible impact through teaching, too. We are happy to have, in our beautiful publication, Balkrishna Doshi: Writings on Architecture & Identity,  an anthology of some of the architect and thinker’s most important texts which give an insight into the philosophy behind his work and teachings. The book makes evident his devotion to his work and to sharing his philosophy, as can be read in the following quote:

“I hope that my buildings… will tell you about life, about people, and about light and land. I hope that they will tell you about joy. Maybe they will tell you that someone sat at a drafting board, as you might sit in a temple, and bent over the paper, as you might in paper. That would be a very practical and useful kind of building.”


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