Professor Fuensanta Nieto of Nieto Sobejano Architects has given several lectures in the month of April, beginning with the Spring Edition lecture series Building Identities on April 6 at Rice University, on Variations on the Museum Idea. Further lectures include one on Art, City and Landscape at the University of Texas at Austin, and a lecture of the same name as the Coral Courts lecture at Washington University in St. Louis. The lectures include in depth looks at Nieto Sobejano’s work, incorporating a beautiful presentation of the Arvo Pärt Centre and featuring images from our book project.

All three aforementioned lectures have been recorded as seen below. The most exciting section for us, on the Arvo Pärt Centre, can be heard after the one hour mark in each clip. We are always happy to hear the Arvo Pärt Centre featuring prominently in current discourse.  Nieto also spoke about the project at Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design/University of Arkansas. In each presentation, she consistently highlights the incredibly holistic nature of the project, in which “everything had to do with music… everything was celebrated with music”, a notion which is followed through in our publication, which brings together music, architecture and the art of book making.


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