Building to Heal
New Architecture for Hospitals


Edited by Tanja C. Vollmer, Andres Lepik, and Lisa Luksch


Building to Heal: New Architecture for Hospitals examines the hardships and major challenges faced by the hospital system today and presents innovative models and solutions in healthcare architecture. Through critical, scientifically based discourse, a variety of authors examine healthcare systems and hospital architecture, what hospitals are missing, and how architecture can contribute to the healing process of patients.

The publication answers these questions in three comprehensive chapters based on the medical process: “Symptoms,” “Diagnosis,” and “Therapy.” The introductory section describes the symptoms of the “sick house” and spotlights the urgent need to take these problems seriously in the contexts of both society as a whole and architecture. In the second section, experts from psychology, medicine, and the related sciences, as well as from architectural theory and philosophy, take a diagnostic look at the complex causes that lead to the “diseased house.” The third section presents seven “active ingredients” or scientifically investigated environmental variables for successful therapy, incorporating tools from evidence-based design. Finally, thirteen international case studies show how the conscious use of environmental variables leads to a hospital architecture that promotes healing.

Building to Heal: New Architecture for Hospitals bridges the gap between the ever-growing expertise on healthcare architecture and the urgent need for planners, politicians, and the public to pay attention to one of the most important issues in architecture today: health.

The exhibition of the same name can be seen from 23 May to 7 September 2024 at the vai Vorarlberger Architektur Institut!

The German Edition of this publication is available here.


Weight 1500 g
Dimensions 27,5 × 21 × 25 mm
Edited by

Tanja C. Vollmer, Andres Lepik, and Lisa Luksch

Contributions by

Ercan Altinsoy, David Freis, Michal Gath-Morad, Linus Hofrichter, Julia Kirch, Joy Knoblauch, Gemma Koppen, Lukas Kunz, Torsten Lange, Andres Lepik, Paul Lillrank, Helene M. Loos, Lisa Luksch, Reinhold Messner, Jonas Niemann, Beate Rössler, Lars Steffensen, Roger S. Ulrich, Tanja C. Vollmer, and Marc Wittmann.




strobo BM


Hardback, full color, thread sewn


21 x 27,5 cm


approx. 120 photographs, plans, and graphs

Page count

272 pages

Publication Date Europe

July 2023



Contributions by

Ercan Altinsoy
David Freis
Michal Gath-Morad
Linus Hofrichter
Julia Kirch
Joy Knoblauch
Gemma Koppen
Lukas Kunz
Torsten Lange
Andres Lepik
Paul Lillrank
Helene M. Loos
Lisa Luksch
Reinhold Messner
Jonas Niemann
Beate Rössler
Lars Steffensen
Roger S. Ulrich
Tanja C. Vollmer
Marc Wittmann

Kinder- und Jugendklinik Freiburg
AUH Universitetshospital Aarhus
Friendship Hospital Satkhirn
Butaro Hospital
Zuyderland Medisch Centrum Sittard Geleen
Nyt Hospital Nordsjælland Hillerød
Prinses Máxima Centrum voor Kinderoncologie Utrecht
Mary Elizabeths Hospital (BørneRiget) Københaven
Centre Medico Chirurgical (Sedogo Clinique), Léo
Princess Margaret Hospital, Swindon
Bürgerspital Solothurn
Isala Meppel
Kreiskrankenhaus Agatharied

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